Infrared Sauna

Feel refreshed and detoxified after an infrared sauna session. Compared to the usual heat saunas, an infrared sauna can give off the same amount of heat through radiating it directly to your body. Once you have tried the infrared sauna, you are sure to achieve weight loss, increase your metabolism, boost your immune system, enhance your skin glow, reduce muscle and joint pains, and relieve stress. Using the infrared sauna regularly can help detoxify your body of free radicals, smoke, alcohol, heavy metals, and other chemicals you may not know of. Experience an invigorating and light feeling with our infrared sauna at Essentials Spa today.

2 female customers in sauna
  • Monthly Unlimited Use Package – $45.00

  • 30 Minute Single Session - $20.00

  • Add-On To Any Massage - $10.00